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Avoid Heat Stress on Your Flock

Chicken in high tempsSome movie I saw once some actor in the Army trudging with bags and full uniform outside in the southern U.S. saying, “Oh! It’s hot!…It’s Africa Hot!”

Depending on where you live, you might be experiencing that exact sentiment right now.  Chickens need shelter from the elements – roof, shelter and at least some type of block on the north side from the winter winds.  That being said, chickens are little batteries and can tolerate cold (as long as not prolonged freezing temperatures with no buffers) better than they can withstand heat.  Of course, various breeds fare better or worse in extreme heat, but all can benefit from a few tips to keep them cooler, more comfortable, and more productive.

Signs of heat stress or discomfort include:
1) Lethargy
2) Loss of appetite
3) Very pale or washed out combs
4) Wings slightly spread out away from body
5) Panting

See this Grit Magazine blog post on keeping your chickens cool in high temps.

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