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Funny Farm Industries Participates in the Renewable Energy Roundup & Green Living Fair

Michelle Hernandez heads up Funny Farm Industries and is the event organizer for Austin’s annual Funky Chicken Coop Tour and The Austin and Central Texas Backyard Poultry Meetup. Hernandez will join the action at the 13th Annual Renewable Energy Roundup & Green Living Fair (The Roundup). Fair goers can learn […]

The 13th Annual Renewable Energy Roundup in Fredericksburg, Texas

Come out to Fredericksburg to learn about all things renewable and green in the 13th Annual Renewable Energy Roundup and Green Living Fair (“the Roundup”). Urban Poultry Association of Texas, Inc., parent organization for The Funky Chicken Coop Tour® and The Austin and Central Texas Backyard Poultry Meetup will have an exhibitor […]

Watch out for sneaky snake!

Our 4-year old Khaki Campbell ducks are still amazingly prolific egg layers. We noticed their lay rate had gone down over the past few days. Laying rates can go down for many reasons, including some type of unexpected startle or interruption to the routine. By the 2nd day of less prolific laying, […]

Pickin’ Chicken Expanded Guide to Over 163 Breeds/Varieties of Chickens

Pickin’ Chicken Expanded Guide to Over 163 Breed/Varieties of Chickens

Austin, TX March, 2012 in Reference

Austin-based Funny Farm Industries and Mother Earth News, the longest-running publication dedicated to sustainable lifestyles, today introduce an expanded version of Pickin’ Chicken for iOS, their complete, illustrated guide to over 82 different breeds and 163 varieties of […]

Egg Nog for the Holidays

The holiday season brings a time for new and creative recipes. It also offers the perfect opportunity to share – and plain show off – the quality of fresh, backyard poultry eggs.

I mean, just look at this beauty. Isn’t the quality of such eggs something worth bragging about?

Here is […]

Pickin’ Chicken expands to more breeds, photos, and search features

Austin-based Funny Farm Industries and Mother Earth News have announced exciting updates to the Pickin’ Chicken by Mother Earth News app for iOS. The illustrated chicken guide now has 82 breeds and more than 100 varieties, new photos, and expanded advanced search options.

Perfect for the first-time chicken owner getting […]

Fortify your Coop!

UPDATED 8.29.2011 I added a little more info on hardware cloth sizes and durability.

We don’t live in a perfect world, but we can work towards having a near perfect coop. While chickens are inside the coop, you want them safe from outside critters.

Q: How about chicken wire?

A: Chicken wire is a great, […]

Cockfighting Bill, Texas HB 1043 update

How will the bill delineate birds for show from fighting?

Updates to 3/29 Public Hearing on Texas H.B. 1043:

The Committee on Criminal Jurisprudence had a full agenda. The discussions on cockfighting began later in the evening. Key points included:

1) Cockfighting has been illegal in Texas since 1908.

2) Texas is one […]

Rooster Laws

Proposed law needs to protect people showing game breeds for poultry exhibition from penalty.

There are good reasons for roosters in the city. Most importantly, roosters guard chickens from predators (e.g., stray dogs, cats, hawks). Roosters can be raised as pets, roosters can be raised for breeding and perpetuating endangered breeds, and roosters […]

Last Minute Holiday Ideas

As I came home from a trip into town, it felt like life had gone mad. People in cars jerking, swerving, swaying…all in a holiday frenzy, it seems.

If you haven’t done any holiday shopping but want to give gifts, here are some ideas of giving without the holiday mayhem.

Sustainable Giving