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Funny Farm Industries Participates in the Renewable Energy Roundup & Green Living Fair

Michelle Hernandez heads up Funny Farm Industries and is the event organizer for Austin’s annual Funky Chicken Coop Tour and The Austin and Central Texas Backyard Poultry Meetup. Hernandez will join the action at the 13th Annual Renewable Energy Roundup & Green Living Fair (The Roundup). Fair goers can learn […]

The 13th Annual Renewable Energy Roundup in Fredericksburg, Texas

Come out to Fredericksburg to learn about all things renewable and green in the 13th Annual Renewable Energy Roundup and Green Living Fair (“the Roundup”). Urban Poultry Association of Texas, Inc., parent organization for The Funky Chicken Coop Tour® and The Austin and Central Texas Backyard Poultry Meetup will have an exhibitor […]

Fortify your Coop!

UPDATED 8.29.2011 I added a little more info on hardware cloth sizes and durability.

We don’t live in a perfect world, but we can work towards having a near perfect coop. While chickens are inside the coop, you want them safe from outside critters.

Q: How about chicken wire?

A: Chicken wire is a great, […]

Last Minute Holiday Ideas

As I came home from a trip into town, it felt like life had gone mad. People in cars jerking, swerving, swaying…all in a holiday frenzy, it seems.

If you haven’t done any holiday shopping but want to give gifts, here are some ideas of giving without the holiday mayhem.

Sustainable Giving

Another use for food scraps - The BioPod

We learned of the BioPold last fall while at a sustainable energy fair. We generally like to research products in advance, deliberate and then purchase. However, seeing this, we saw great potential and bought one that day.

The BioPod is a breeding ground for black soldier fly. You can read more about the BioPod and […]

Gardening with Chickens

Michelle Hernandez with Funny Farm Industries speaks at It’s About Thyme Nursery in Austin, Texas on “Gardening with Chickens”.

For those wanting to test their listening skills or share with a classroom setting, here is a fill-in-the-blank lesson on the presentation.

For those just wanting the facts, here is the overview of the material covered […]

Crop Rotation: Get Your Garden On!

We can go into the why’s and what’s, but such information on Garden Rotation is plentiful. The distilled version: rotating crops keeps your soil healthy, providing more nutritious plants. Here is the nuts and bolts cheat sheet on rotating crops, compiled from various sources.

See the Crop Rotation Cheat Sheet…

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