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Funny Farm Industries Participates in the Renewable Energy Roundup & Green Living Fair

Chickens on the Tour de Funky Chickens

Michelle Hernandez heads up Funny Farm Industries and is the event organizer for Austin’s annual Funky Chicken Coop Tour and The Austin and Central Texas Backyard Poultry Meetup. Hernandez will join the action at the 13th Annual Renewable Energy Roundup & Green Living Fair (The Roundup). Fair goers can learn about urban poultry and backyard habitats at the Funny Farm Industries talk on Sunday, September 29th at 1 pm. The Roundup is a place to see new ideas in action; to test, explore and interact with products and services for healthy sustainable living. The Roundup takes place at Market Square, 126 West Main St. in Fredericksburg, September 27 – 29, 2013.

“Chickens and poultry are just one gateway into backyard food production systems. They enable us to reuse our food table scraps; create nutrient-rich ‘black gold’ for the garden; and produce delicious, healthful eggs and meat, all in a sustainable loop.” Michelle Hernandez, Founder, Funny Farm Industries

For 13 years the Renewable Energy Roundup & Green Living Fair has been a perfect weekend destination for Texans who want to enjoy a fall road trip to the Texas Hill Country. The Roundup is the largest all sustainability fair in the South. Texans seeking healthier lifestyles and those concerned about drought and the environment have come to the Roundup yearly to hear national leaders and local experts; to participate in workshops and panel discussions and to enjoy creative events. The Roundup takes place annually the last weekend in September. Tickets are $10 per day, $12 on Saturday or $25 for a weekend pass.

About Funny Farm Industries

Funny Farm Industries provides support and services for this newer breed of farmer, the Urban Farmer, providing people with tools to get the knowledge they need, streamlined for the urban lifestyle.  It also is the creator of the iOS app Pickin’ Chicken by Mother Earth News.

About the Renewable Energy Roundup & Green Living Fair

The Renewable Energy Roundup is co-organized by Texas Renewable Energy Industries Association (TREIA) and Texas Center for Policy Studies (TCPS). Event proceeds benefit TREIA and TCPS, two non-profits striving to increase understanding and awareness of renewable energy applications and to promote their wide use.  For more details logon to, call 830-997-2350 or email:

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