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Last Minute Holiday Ideas

As I came home from a trip into town, it felt like life had gone mad. People in cars jerking, swerving, swaying…all in a holiday frenzy, it seems.

If you haven’t done any holiday shopping but want to give gifts, here are some ideas of giving without the holiday mayhem.

Sustainable Giving

Farm Fresh Eggs

Photo Courtesy of the Austin Backyard Poultry Meetup

Do you raise backyard poultry (OK, you had to see that one coming, right)? Why not give the gift of fresh eggs from your working girls? Inspire your friends and family with the golden-orange or orange-red yolks from your own flock. It doesn’t get any fresher.

Give eggs with a twist – bring some homemade eggnog to a holiday gathering. Of course, never undermine deviled eggs from pastured hens. Showcase the simple pleasures.

No poultry? Not a problem. What about a green gift? Growing any winter goodies – flowers, veggies, herbs? You can put a nicely crafted bouquet of goodness together. A simple piece of twine can accent the beauty of the garden. A little packet of your garden’s seeds makes a gift that keeps giving.

Another option…

Gift of Time

Don’t underestimate the gift of time and its power.

Make a meal for your friends and family. Slow down, visit, and enjoy company.

Put together a small raised bed for a giftee.  Consider also helping on a community project for a local school, a retirement home or a family in need.

Volunteer for a non-profit to help around town. There are so many opportunities, especially near holidays, to volunteer. You may find a bigger gift from knowing your help made a difference, and volunteering may become a habit you don’t want to break.


Another way to give back – provide your financial support to an organization in which you believe or donate in a loved one’s name. Here are some ideas if none come straight to mind:

The Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance
The American Livestock Breed Conservancy
Organic Consumers Association
Slow Food USA
Texas Organic Farmers & Gardeners Association (for you Texans)
The Sustainable Food Center (yea, Austin đŸ™‚ )

Go digital

The great thing, you can actually gift online the item you want for instant delivery in many cases. Consider…

An e-book or gift certificate for an online book or other sustainable gift.  Raising Chickens for Dummies and City Chicks are both online. The Omnivore’s Dilemma is another classic.

Sustainable apps! Of course, we love Pickin’ Chicken, but check out other great options.

Online magazine subscriptions.  Mother Earth News and Grit Magazine make great reads and are filled with all kinds of wonderful ideas.

Other Ideas

If you are going to go out to stores anyway, you can buy local many times. Check to see if any Farmer’s Markets are going on, even tomorrow. There are sometimes special holiday market hours.

Does your city or town have some sort of local business program? For instance, in Austin, we have a Go Local card that rewards customers who purchase locally with discounts or treats.

Just throwing out some last minute ideas. Most importantly, enjoy your visits and holidays you celebrate whole-heartedly with gratitude.

Happy and Blessed Holiday wishes to all!

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