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Pickin’ Chicken Expanded Guide to Over 163 Breeds/Varieties of Chickens

Pickin’ Chicken Expanded Guide to Over 163 Breed/Varieties of Chickens

Austin, TX March, 2012 in Reference

Austin-based Funny Farm Industries and Mother Earth News, the longest-running publication dedicated to sustainable lifestyles, today introduce an expanded version of Pickin’ Chicken for iOS, their complete, illustrated guide to over 82 different breeds and 163 varieties of […]

Rooster Laws

Proposed law needs to protect people showing game breeds for poultry exhibition from penalty.

There are good reasons for roosters in the city. Most importantly, roosters guard chickens from predators (e.g., stray dogs, cats, hawks). Roosters can be raised as pets, roosters can be raised for breeding and perpetuating endangered breeds, and roosters […]

Another use for food scraps - The BioPod

We learned of the BioPold last fall while at a sustainable energy fair. We generally like to research products in advance, deliberate and then purchase. However, seeing this, we saw great potential and bought one that day.

The BioPod is a breeding ground for black soldier fly. You can read more about the BioPod and […]

Gardening with Chickens

Michelle Hernandez with Funny Farm Industries speaks at It’s About Thyme Nursery in Austin, Texas on “Gardening with Chickens”.

For those wanting to test their listening skills or share with a classroom setting, here is a fill-in-the-blank lesson on the presentation.

For those just wanting the facts, here is the overview of the material covered […]